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Welcome to Battalion Aid Station 33, the most desirable place in the base. Two precast structures for sleeping, a joint shower, infirmary, vending machine and lots of hormones. This is the home of eight male and female medics who care for the paratrooper battalion located in the middle of the desert. Every medic wants to get there, every soldier wants a female medic to tend to him and, if you are neither, seven minutes in an air-conditioned room is something no one will refuse. Everyone needs the BAS medics, making them feel a bit above the others. Beyond the prestige and benefits, the medics bear a great deal of responsibility – they must maintain the battalion’s health, ensure ongoing medical care and treat the casualties in the event of battle. The soldiers’ lives depend on the medics’ real time performance. 

Each character at the battalion arrives from a different world. Their social status, education, background and dreams are so diverse, but in the army it's all for one and one for all. The BAS' is a family. A family that is about to be put to a test. The BAS' calm is shattered in the first episode, when a mysterious training accident reveals a soldier who loses touch with reality and goes on a shooting rampage. Dr. Alex, concerned by the incident, decides to perform blood tests on the unit's soldiers despite objections from commanders in the field. The BAS medics, headed by Daniel, insist on investigating the matter and only gets into trouble.

Series Information

  • Season 1: 40x30' | Season 2: pre-production

  • Genre: Drama

  • Created by:  Zion Rubin

  • Directed by:  Zion Rubin

  • Produced by: United Studios of Israel


Ta’agad is an “all-inclusive” drama, that in 40 episodes brought out laughter, excitement, suspense and above all was able to create a community of fans that will stick with it until the second season.
— Israel HaYom
M*A*S*H was one of the most beloved series in the history of American television, due to a simple formula: something about the relationship between medicine and the army brought out suspense, surprise and excitement each and every time. Now add to that the sizzling, youthful atmosphere of the IDF, and you get a winning recipe for a series with the potential of becoming a hit. Actually, no longer just the potential. Simply a hit.
— Mako
‘Ta’agad’, yes’s daily drama, has become its most successful series of all time…with 8 million views of the episodes broadcast so far.
— Globes


City Mouse Awards 2016 Best Original Television Series


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